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Small Utility Bag N00701.11 Khaki 11

A-COLD-WALL is a brand that was created to redefine men's fashion and spark a discussion about the importance of modern clothing for men. It is an intercultural understanding expressed in fashion, inspired by architectural solutions and looking at globalization from the perspective of luxury men's clothing.

A-COLD-WALL - a clash of classes expressed in fashion

This is a brand that wanted to bring a bit of artistry and aesthetics to streetwear. It is an attempt at a fashion and artistic combination of elements that seemingly do not go well with each other. And yet the A COLD WALL brand succeeds! It brings elements of luxury, comfort and elegance to the street style, without losing the natural slack, characteristic of streetwear. It turns out that it is possible to collide class systems and obtain a satisfactory effect in the form of luxurious clothing, which, despite being casual, comes with an artistic flair. As a result, unique models are created that are not only pleasant to wear but also pleasant to look at. Few people succeed in combining two opposing worlds, but A COLD WALL is certainly one of them.

A-COLD-WALL - sophisticated style and taste

The brand is not satisfied with half measures and thinks lookbookly, presenting yet more mature projects with each new collection. Their sublime clothing includes both A-COLD-WALL * women's clothes and A-COLD-WALL * men's clothes, as well as accessories and additions that complement streetwear styling in a classic, conservative and luxurious style. Here, craftsmanship, technique and quality of fabrics and materials are important. The combination of all these elements results in models with simple forms that have an unobvious, hard-to-define luxury flair. These are the types of clothes that unobtrusively exude their quality.

A-COLD-WALL at Sneaker Studio

At, we value brands that look at fashion in an original way, without trying to pigeonhole it. A-COLD-WALL certainly is one of such brands. They unconventionally connect worlds that seem difficult to connect. Some of their designs are truly unobtrusive, as if invented in passing, without effort. This lightness of luxury, quality and streetwear emanates from A-COLD-WALL clothing. In our studio, you will find both men's and women's clothes. This includes:

  • T-shirts,
  • sweatshirts,
  • shorts
  • shirts,
  • pants,
  • socks,
  • accessories and add-ons such as sachets, handbags, wallets,
  • shoes,
  • karl lagerfeld kids karlito logo lettering changing bag item.

You can effortlessly compose a full outfit because A-COLD-WALL clothing is designed so that everything fits together. It's an easy way to create multiple styles with just a few types of clothing. Immerse yourself in the world of urban style with a touch of luxury and feel good in your skin.

Who is A-COLD-WALL clothing for?

Minimalism and a systemically designed way of creating clothes are in line with the trend of abandoning overproduction and having too many clothes. Consumerism is replaced by a rational view of fashion. A COLD WALL is intended for conscious people who do not follow the desire to possess but appreciate the value of things because of their quality. They prioritize quality over quantity and are aware that less is more not only in terms of the amount of clothes but also their appearance. Luxury is not about exaggeration, but subtlety and quality.

Handweaving and modern technological solutions - these are the extremes that A COLD WALL can also unite. That’s what makes it a brand that’s lookbook and at the same time expressive enough not to become an intrusive product that defies its ideas. Choose A COLD WALL in our studio and join people who value quality and style.

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