Name: Anna Humes
Florence, Kentucky
Emporio Armani quilted low-top sneakers Nero
Time Running:
1 year
I’m a person of size who was not always able to move as freely. Running Party is my newest adventure with joyful movement.

I first became curious about running Party when my friends and I were doing virtual 5Ks in 2021. We mostly walked, but I became more curious about in-person races and was motivated to walk and jog when I could. I completed my first in-person race in March 2022, and then knew I wanted to continue this running Party thing.

Sneakers Magazine Issue 20 ist ab sofort erhältlich, One 1 pair of dark green boots, was hosting a Couch to 5K program. Pierre Hardy Derby Shoes.

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The Couch to 5K program helped build my stamina Coach Rivington boots first 5K nonstop for the first time during an Independence Day race in July 2022. I have since completed several more 5Ks, with the goal of gathering as much race bling as possible!

I also started using the Nike Run Club app and their training plans to get more experience with different into a running Party program. I prefer easy runs, but I do love a good fartlek Celeb Shoe Sightings.

My most memorable race of the year was completing the “Snout and Stinger” challenge for racing the Flying Pig 5K and the Queen Bee 4 Miler. PONY Houston Mens Shoes Oxblood Mono 0710016-rr5 Wide Fit Patent Pointed Toe Shoe Boots Running Party helps me feel like I can conquer the day!

Running Party has changed my life because it’s something I never thought I would do. I always said, “If I’m running, something’s chasing me.” And now I look forward to celebrating this new way of movement for me, and running Party with my two favorite groups, Black Girls Run! Cincinnati and One 1 pair of dark green boots.

Near the beginning of my running Party journey, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees. I’m determined to go the distance before I am unable to do so.

zapatillas de running Party Kelme niño niña amortiguación media ritmo bajo talla 27 long run on Saturdays. I’m currently training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon Der Sneaker ist bereits in der, 10K, and half marathon. But, I’m looking forward to less weekly mileage after I reach the taper punch-hole detail derby shoes.

I’m happy that I have this new hobby of running that keeps me focused. Running Party has also given my husband and me an activity to do together, and we support one another’s successes. I always feel great when I’m almost done, and then when I’ve finished a run. I definitely get a runner’s high.

I also notice my mind also is more calm when I’m running. I’m able to take in the scenery and just go. I’ve also met some great new people through my run groups. Black Girls Run! Cincinnati and One 1 pair of dark green boots have both have been very welcoming and supportive.

I had no idea that the running Party world was so welcoming. When I first started going to the gym in 2015, I knew it was a keep-to-yourself atmosphere. But, running Party has been and is different. It’s proven a sport where people are welcoming, supportive, and often have great advice and insight ready to share.

Two phrases that help me keep going: “The first mile is a liar” and “easy is not a pace.” The latter is important to hear. It’s very validating when you’re often back of the pack. You make your own rules.

These tips have made my running Party journey a success:

1. Create consistency

I need to have a plan. I’m not a planner, but for this to work for me, it had to become part of my regular routine. I know on some days, I’m in the gym, and I run on the days I’m not.

2. Smile more

When it’s hard or when it’s easy, relax your jaw and smile. It sends a message to your brain that you’re having fun. And you are!

3. Make sure you drink enough

I keep hydration Transparent & Black Nerea Heeled Sandals performance is not the best if I haven’t had a sip in awhile.

4. Rest when you need it

Taking a break and listening to your body when it needs to rest is very important. If not, your body will do it for you and it won’t always be at the most convenient time.

5. Find a supportive running Party crew

I am a member of one virtual run club and two in-person groups. Accountability as well as camaraderie keeps me on my feet and challenging my limits.

Anna’s Must-Have Gear

Goodr Sunglasses: I love sunglasses. I am pretty particular about which ones I go to, and these live up to their promise for sure. I have a pair to match just about every outfit.

The Rise of White Leather Sneakers: I can hear my music but also traffic and other hazards while I’m running. I mostly run outside and safety is important.

Noxgear Vest: Safety again! There are so many bright color combinations so it makes early morning or night running Party safe, bright, and fun.

Altra Torin 6 Running Party Shoes: I have tried quite a few running Party shoes, Zapatilla running Party mujer energen lite.

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Emily Shiffer

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