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Nutrition & Weight Loss

women sitting on the bench and refreshing after practice, top nutrition stories 2022

The Top Nutrition Stories of 2022 and What They Can Teach You for the New Year

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Fuel Up Before Your Run

fueling before and during a race

Get to the Start Line Fully Charged With These Tips to Optimize Your Prerace Nutrition

how to fuel two a day workouts

Shoes & Gear

eat before or after a workout

What You Should Eat Before a Run

how to run your best half marathon

Get Expert Advice

foods for runners   grocery store

Re-Fuel After Your Run

Re-Fuel After Your Run

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All About Alcohol

running hat, fitness tracker app, headphones and glass of beer on coffee table

Does Running Have a Drinking Problem?

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Re-Fuel After Your Run

anti inflammatory foods

Fight Inflammation With Food

high fiber foods

10 Fight Inflammation With Food

whole grains and heart health

Sobriety Showing Me Running Is More Than Mileage

Full Frame Shot Of Raw Almonds

10 Magnesium-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet ASAP

Weight Loss

focus on fitness gains over weight loss

Focus on Fitness Gains Over Weight Loss When It Comes to Your Health, Research Suggests

running shoes barefoot running shoes closeup

Your Complete Guide to Running for Weight Loss

woman standing on the weight scale

If You Want to Lose Weight, Read This First

modern young sportswoman

Why Young Female Runners Shouldn’t Focus on Weight

Sportswoman jogging in the city

Running to Lose Weight? Don’t Make These Mistakes

athletics marathon olympics day 16

Olympic Marathoner’s Struggles Show RED-S Affects Men, Too

Healthy Dinner Ideas to Make ASAP?

All About Protein

Nutrition Trends

grilled salmon fish fillet and fresh vegetable salad with tomato, red onion, black olives and avocado

How to Find the Best Diet for You

runners leave bathroom stalls during the new york city marathon in 2022

10 Foods That Will Help You Poop Before a Run

nix biosensor
From Runner's World for Nix

Three Hydration Data Points to Track

three runners drinking coffee after a run

Coffee With Milk May Help Fight Inflammation